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Lettering - Dimensional Metal

Lettering - Dimensional Metal

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We offer custom cut individual metal lettering to be used for building exteriors and landscape features. These aluminum letters are 1/4" thick and mounted with 3/4" standoff mounts to be anchored into any constructed surface. Great for logo, building identification, address numbering and simple wayfinding.

Cut aluminum letters are available in many options:

  • Stud mounted aluminum letters from 2” ” to 48” tall
  • Small aluminum letters – from ½” tall – 2” tall (Premium mini letters with adhesive mounting)
  • 1/4" thicknesses
  • Raised/floating mounts off the wall with spacers
  • Finishes include traditional polished
  • Orbital and random arc sanding patterns upon request

If you are looking for letters with greater depth or thickness, consider our cast aluminum letters, fabricated stainless steel letters or backlit letters.

Installation is easy

You can install our cut aluminum letters on virtually any wall surface including interior office drywall, exterior brick, stone, metal siding and stucco – using the included stud mounts that thread into the back of the letters. For a drop shadow effect, use spacers (also included) which will make your letters float off the wall. All of our cut metal letters come with a paper installation template that shows you where to drill holes. Call our studio at 404-963-1599 for full installation quote. 

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