30+ Years experience in crafting national dealership programs

We specialize in delivering Dynamic Visual Experiences for manufacturers, dealerships and retail businesses seeking a reliable creative expert who knows their unique needs, market trends and customer expectations.

Wall Treatments

Wall Treatments

Welcome to Our Mural Shop! Our collection of custom wall coverings adds... 

  • ask about our custom design services

    Creative Toniq is a national graphic design, architectural and building decor creative agency crafting retail, showroom and hospitality envrironments since 2007. We partner with our clients to create solutions that deliver maximum results, on time and within budget.

  • build a proprietary dealership program

    Let us help you manage your brand identity and customer experience across your entire network of dealership. Whether you own three or thirty, our project management, procurement and fulfillment services make the job seamless and economic.

  • servicing all your creative business needs

    Ask about our extended networks of partners to offer seamless integration of your entire marketing portfolio including web design, online marketing, digital media, print advertisement and more.